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-Bubble Barnacle-

Chewy, sweet, pink bubblegum. Taste the texture.

-Strawberry Siren-

Layers of fresh strawberries with cream and vanilla, the quintessential summer dessert.

-Pink Parrot-

A cold glass of pink lemonade. Tastes just like the homemade stuff.

-Kraken Kola-

Fizzy cola with a hint of vanilla for the perfect mix of refreshment and nostalgia.

-Grape White Shark-

Grape soda with some grape squishy candies mixed in. Sweet, full, and our ideal between a candied and true grape flavour.

-Baby manta-

Refreshing slices of cucumber and watermelon. No menthol this time, but we turned up the dial on the watermelon for a juicy, mouth watering, all day vape.

-Peach Poseidon-

 A blend of both fresh and candied peach, blended up and jammed into a bottle for a juicy, intense flavour experience.

-Manta ray Menthol-

Refreshing slices of cucumber and watermelon, blended up and served over ice with a menthol kick.

-Pirates Pipe-

The same blend of Turkish and Western tobaccos, but with a cold hit of Menthol to wake up your senses