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Boss Blend

Boss Blend is the smooth and rich, high-end tobacco flavour that you have been waiting for!

Caramel Drop

This Caramel E-Juice offers a rich, silky, and smooth mouthfeel with every puff you take. The sweet undertones will not overpower your palate, but will only leave a gentle aftertaste behind.

Cheeky Cherry

Cherry is sweet, cherry is tart, and cherry is mild. All of these profiles are waiting to burst out of the 30ml bottle of Cheeky Cherry E-Juice and luxuriate your tongue and palate with their charms

Fresh Grape

This E-Juice has perfectly captured the naughty personality and freshness of the vineyard grapes

Minty Menthol

A fresh breath is always welcome and this e-liquid comes with tons of freshness and a strong icy cold touch to get you coming back for more

Outback blend

This premium tobacco flavoured e-juice is for the purist; there is nothing as sublime as the flavour of authentic and original tobacco. It is subtle, it is smooth, and it just feels right.

Strawberry Dark

premium flavoured e-juiceThe juicy, savory, sumptuous strawberry flavor is the most versatile base that can be combined with a variety of other flavors. It can help create eclectic blends that produce fruity explosions in your mouth.

Vanilla Ice

premium flavoured e-juiceThe classic vanilla flavour gets a mischievous twist from EasyPuff™ to produce a tremendously flavorful e-juice that brings the creamy deliciousness of vanilla ice creams to vapers with refined taste in e-juices.

Western Red

E-Juice has become the gold standard among vapers because of its bold original tobacco taste. The full flavour tobacco cigarettes have finally met their match with EasyPuff™ Western

Wonderful Watermelon

premium flavoured e-juice EasyPuff™ Watermelon e-juice is a Refreshing and sweet Watermelon flavour with a delicious aftertaste. It is a great all day vape and produces stacks of fresh vapour.