Viva la Vape

Viva la Vape

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Viva La Custard

A rich full bodied vanilla custard. Simple and timeless.

Bubble Ninja

Our Ninja has sliced up Strawberries and Banana's and blown it into a bubble to create this magnificent flavour. 

Napoleon Dynamite

This is our replica of the Nerds lollies we all had, the taste and the smell. I don't think they need a description, it is as it says! Named after my favourite Nerd!!

Mr Whippy

Everyone knows Mr Whippy! Those delicious ice creams that our parents could never afford, Well we have a version here for you! Perfect all day vape, creamy texture and leaves a nice taste in your mouth

Mc Juicys Milk

A sweet liquid nectar to satisfy everyones senses. It's unique creamy and custard notes will tickle your taste buds and leave you with a deliciously strawberry hint on the exhale. 

Drag Queen

It's a Peach and Dragon fruit Infusion that explodes your taste buds! This tropical concoction marries together well and has hints of tarty Apple.


A refreshing Menthol hit, Juicy Watermelon, Blueberry and Apple smashed together with Menthol. A luxurious Minty combination


A nice simple Watermelon lemonade. Refreshing for the taste buds.

Bobi Brown

Deliciously Caramelized Brown Sugar Custard, with a slight hint of Coconut. This is very extravagant and a must try Juice


A Full Flavoured Coffee Cake with a touch of Caramel. Definitely a good Vape for the coffee Fiends! 

3 Stooges

This tastes like Neapolitan Ice-cream.. Creamy Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla luxuriously blended together perfectly to create this amazing, smooth juice!

Kabluey Cupcake

For all the 90's kids that remember Ka Bluey's we have cleverly crafted a Blue Raspberry and Vanilla Cupcake bomb which has exploded into this Must Try Juice!

Dragons Kiss

A Seductive Dragon fruit blend with tantalizing Marshmallow and Sweet Strawberry kisses perfect for an all day Vape!

Curious George

 If you like Banana flavour you will love this one! It's like creamy banana yoghurt but in ice-cream form. All round good all day vape, desert even!